Nigerian's Best Security Company.
No. 18 Bola Street, Anthony Village.
Mon-Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm

McDon’s ongoing recruiting program seeks qualified candidates for full and part-time employment.

Our expectations are high and all applicants for positions are required to successfully complete our selective screening process. McDon employees have pride in themselves, and in our company. Our goal is to attract and retain the best by offering growth opportunities supported by competitive wages, and comprehensive benefits.

Vacancies exist for the following positions:

  1. Security Drivers
    1. Drivers Licence
    2. Lagos State driving permit for Commercial Drivers
    3. Good knowledge of Lagos Metropolis
    4. Minimum of 3 years Corporate Driving Experience
    5. Good Spoken and Written English
  1. Security Supervisors
    1. Minimum of 3 Years Industrial Security Experience
    2. Minimum of 4 years Private Guard Supervisory experience
    3. Minimum of OND or its equivalent
    4. Good Spoken and Written English
    5. Driving skill with up-to-date Drivers Licence an added advantage
    6. Computer literacy an added advantage
    7. Certificate in Industrial Security an added advantage
    8. Ex-Service experience could be an added advantage subject to meeting other criteria
  1. Security Coordinators
    1. Minimum of 5 years of Industrial Security experience and or experience in Private Guard Company
    2. Minimum of OND or its equivalent and relevant experience
    3. Ability to drive, and with valid drivers Licence an added advantage
    4. Ex-Service experience could be an added advantage
    5. Must be computer literate


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