Operational Areas and Guiding Principle to Consider:

Protection Design
Protective measures must be designed to reveal breach of security as quickly as possible – attempt/intrusion/theft are quickly discovered.


First breach of security occurs when it becomes known that a target of value exists.  The presence of security staff, fence, gates, locks, access procedure, CCTV, indicates that VALUABLE ASSETS exists in the facility being protected.


Security Responsibility
Security like Safety is the personal RESPONSIBILITY of everyone. Department Managers are responsible for security in their various departments – tool of work, personnel, etc.


Cost of protection
Security efficiency & economy requires that protective measures must be commensurate with threat and value of assets to be protected.


Risk Concentration
Vulnerable targets should be concentrated in a small area to ensure easy protection – access control, technology, guards, etc.


The potential for SABOTAGE should never be discounted.
Saboteurs seek to cause maximum damaged with little effort/risk to him/herself


Access Criterion
• Access to vital information on Critical Assets to be ‘‘On Need To Know’’.
• Access to Critical Assets to be on ‘‘Need To Go’’
• Note: The likelihood of security breach is in direct proportion to the number of people who have access to critical assets.


Security Image
• Security must not be perceived as ‘Spy’ body or an instrument of witch-hunt
• All Security PPP (policy/procedure/practice) must be ‘sold’ to employees for their ‘buy-in’
o Factors that may shape Security Image –
o Standard of dress/ Comportment
o Attitude to customers
o Efficiency of operating procedures
o Overall effectiveness of Security department.
Understanding between those in charge of Security & other departments’ HOD.


Protection for Security
All that protects must be protected – People, Procedure, Technology & Physical barriers.


System Approach
One of the Security Mix (People, Procedures, Tech., Barriers) cannot guarantee security but all in varying degrees will.


Maximum Complicity
• Insider, needs 3rd party or many employees to be able to breach security
• Outsider, needs many employees in same location to be able to breach security
• Security systems should have an element of surprise. Frequent but irregular changes of routines are recommended.
• Security is a ‘LIVE’ activity. Flexibility & Proactive approach is essential
Earliest Warning
The most effective security system is one, which gives earliest warning to enable effective response. LAYERS of defence recommended.


Guilt must be Pined
Security losses must be narrowed to a close area/people. High probability of being apprehended will deter most thieves.


Return On Investment
Remember that Security should strive to facilitate the COMMERCIAL INTEREST of the company

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